GoGreen Diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to mined diamonds.

Each and every GoGreen Diamond is conflict free and produced in an ethical manner.

The price of a GoGreen Diamond is substantially lower than that of mined diamond and offers exceptional value.

The production of GoGreen Diamonds comes at a minimal price to the environment unlike mined diamonds.

With a shorter time cycle from production to polished stone, GoGreen Diamonds can be created ti the buyers specifications with consistency.

All GoGreen Diamonds are type lla, chemically the purest form of a diamond. Only 1% of mined diamonds enjoy this classidication.

GoGreen Diamonds have the exact same chemical, optical and physical properties of a mined diamond. It is every bit a diamond down to the molecular level. The only difference being that GoGreen Diamonds are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. We are able to achieve in a matter of weeks what nature takes millions of years to create.

Chemical Formula Hardness Dispersion Refractive Index Specific Gravity
GoGreen Diamonds C 10 0.044 2.42 3.52
Mined Diamonds C 10 0.044 2.42 3.52

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