AboutCompany Overview

GoGreen Diamonds offers a new choice in diamonds. Since our conception in 2015, GoGreen Diamonds has become one of the world’s largest and most trusted producers of grown diamonds. Our success has been due as much to the integrity of our environmentally conscious approach, as to the exceptional quality of our diamonds.

Our diamonds are now distributed worldwide, and we are committed to continuing delivering a consistent supply of the highest quality diamonds to our customers.

AboutOur Approach

We guarantee a conflict-free, conscious, and sustainable approach in the newest diamond era. Using new developments in technology, our diamonds are cultivated in a state of the art laboratory. A diamond seed is placed under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, identically replicating the natural process found in nature, until a cuttable diamond is formed. As any rough diamond found in earth, this created rough diamond is then cut and polished.

At our company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and value so our exceptional colourless diamonds are polished to the finest standards, contributing to their incredible type IIA brilliance.


Production and Distribution Practices

GoGreen Diamonds works above and beyond industrial standard to furnish labor friendly and environment friendly production of laboratory grown diamonds which ensure welfare of labor and sustainability of environment.

Conflict Free production

GoGreen Diamonds does not finance any illegal group or organization that involved in unethical actives. We offer conflict free diamonds which are ethically produced and sold. GoGreen Diamonds does not support any criminal or illegal group while producing and selling of our diamonds.

Environmentally friendly process

GoGreen Diamonds ensure environment friendly diamonds. During our production process, we clinch that no human and animal life is effected and does not cause any harm to an environment in any manner.

Protects Against violation of labor rights

GoGreen Diamonds work in labor friendly manner and work towards labor welfare that clinch labor rights. We have designed our production and distribution process in such manner that does not violet any law of land.

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